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Parking Lot, Pavement and Striping Laws

What happens if the parking lot does not comply with codes and regulations?
You may be subjected to federal and local penalties and potentially hit with a lawsuit for a failure to comply with federal and local regulations and more liability if someone is injured or property damaged on the property, which could have been prevented.

It may seem harmless, but because one person can bring a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all handicapped persons, a lawsuit for failure to comply with striping laws can become a very costly lawsuit. This is what happened in California in Moeller v. Taco Bell. You can read about the case here: View More


There are legal obligations and penalties for a failure to comply with ADA requirements at the federal level because private businesses have to continue ADA obligations in their parking facilities.

A complaint to the federal government can lead to investigation and action by federal investigators and lawyers. Here is a link to the page where many people go to file complaints. View More

What can I do if a complaint is filed against me?
Prevention is the best course of action. When we are hired, we employ our expertise to ensure your facilities comply with federal and local standards to prevent complaints. We work directly with legal counsel and can refer you if needed.


Local governments also have their own restrictions and requirements that must be adhered to. Parking space requirements are depending on the type of establishment. There are parking space size and dimension requirements as well. For an exhaustive list of municipal codes that businesses and residential units must comply with, see links below.

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Parking Lot Liability For Injuries

Am I Responsible For Preventing Injuries In My Parking Lot?
Yes, business proprietors such as shopping centers, restaurants, and bars owe a duty to their patrons to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, and that this duty includes an obligation to undertake "reasonable steps to secure common areas against foreseeable criminal acts of third parties that are likely to occur in the absence of such preventive measures. You can read about the California Supreme Court ruling regarding parking lot liability here: View More

You may be liable for injuries that result when parking lots are not marked clearly. We specialize in parking lot maintenance, striping, and signage so that your lot doesn't become a legal windfall.